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COVID-19 Postponement Voucher Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) – Update 17 Mar 20


Throughout the COVID-19 Epidemic you may at Tirio's discretion, receive an email giving you the option to postpone your Activity Booking (Activity). 


The following T&Cs apply to the postponement of any Activity with Tirio due to COVID-19: 




C-1.1.     The term 'Tirio' or 'us' or 'we' refers to the company, Tirio Cyf whose registered office is 19 Denbigh St, LLANRWST, Conwy, LL260LL. Our company is registered in Wales and its registration number is 10478549. 


C-1.2.    The term 'you' or ‘client(s)’ refers to the person, persons, organisation or company booking persons onto or taking part in a activity or activity provided by Tirio. 


C-1.3.    The Term ‘Activity’ refers to any booking, activity or event provided by Tirio Cyf. 


C-2.       THE OFFER.   The offer to postpone shall be made in writing by Tirio to you the Client. These COVID-19 Postponement T&Cs only apply to the postponement of any Activity due to the COVID-19 Epidemic and are in addition to our existing T&Cs. Tirio’s existing T&Cs shall continue to apply to all bookings, activities or hire - including those bookings made with Postponement Vouchers.

C-3.     ACCEPTING THE OFFER.    Upon indicating that you accept the offer of postponement you will be issued with a COVID-19 Postponement Voucher.  The postponement voucher will entitle the client who made the original booking to re-book onto an identical Activity. By accepting the Postponement Voucher you will have entered a new contract on the basis of these Terms & Conditions and Tirio Standard Terms and Conditions and shall be liable for the full activity fee. Any existing Booking shall be deemed as being cancelled by you.


C-4.     VALIDITY OF YOUR VOUCHER.    The Postponement Voucher is only valid for the amount paid by the original client who made the booking.  Any additional payment required up to the current advertised full value of the Activity shall be payable upon re-booking. All Postponement Vouchers shall have no monetary value. Postponement Vouchers are non-refundable.


C-5.     BOOKING CRITERIA.    All clients must ensure they still meet the Criteria stipulated in the Booking Information for their chosen Activity.  Tirio will re-send these Criteria at the time of re-booking.  Should any client’s circumstances change such that they fail or are likely to fail to meet the Criteria they should inform us immediately. 

C-6.     WHO THE VOUCHER IS APPLICABLE TO.    The Postponement Voucher is only valid for the individuals named at the time of the original booking.  Should you wish to change the names of the Client(s) attending the Activity, you must contact us in writing.  All alternate Clients must be 18 years old or over and must meet the Criteria stipulated in the Booking Information for their chosen Activity.  If an alternate Client fails to meet these criteria they will not be allowed to participate in the Activity, see existing Tirio T&Cs. 


C-7.     USING AN EXISTING VOUCHER.    Where the Activity has been booked using an existing Voucher, no Postponement Voucher shall be issued, the existing Voucher shall remain valid. 


C-8.       ONCE YOU RE-BOOK USING YOUR VOUCHER.    Once a re-booking has been agreed by you and Tirio any Postponement Vouchers shall be deemed as used and spent the Re-booked Activity shall constitute a new booking and as such shall be subject only to Tirio's Standard T&Cs and the COVID-19 Postponement Voucher T&Cs shall no longer apply. 

C-9.     REFUSING THE OFFER OF A POSTPONEMENT VOUCHER.  Should a client refuse the offer of Postponement then the COVID-19 Postponement T&Cs shall no longer apply and Tirio Standard T&Cs shall continue to apply. Failure to reply in writing to any offer of Postponement shall constitute a refusal of said offer.

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