Wild Skill

Gimme Shelter!

Two days of sheer shelter indulgence! We'll get you working with tarps, bashes, tarp tents, hammocks and ponchos. We'll combine the evolution of traditional methods with the latest designs and fabrics. Come away with an arsenal of techniques to get the most of these amazingly light and adaptable outdoor essentials.

Fire Me Up

A full day reworking the lightest, simplest and most captivating form of heat since day one... Incorporating our 'Only Tracks' ethic, you'll discover fire can be safe, easy and leave no environmental impact. We'll have you cooking on... er, sticks in no time!

Cookin' up a Storm

Tasty, nutritious, simple, outdoor cooking just got easy. From recipe ideas to cooking on various stoves - gas, wood, solid and liquid fuelled. Develop your own menus of easily cooked meals, from miso soup to fresh baked cake and custard. Almost no washing up and all on ultralight equipment. This day workshop will revolutionise your Wild experience.