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The Tirio Packraft Foundation Paddler Course is designed to give you the knowledge and skill to get out there and undertake your own packrafting adventures.  Suitable for novice to intermediate level packrafters, this course will increase your knowledege of this amazing adventure sport.


The Course follows a full syllabus including 2 days of Core Skills. The course is accompanied by a comprehensive  manual and workbook, which serves as an excellent resource to help keep your skills and knowledge fresh after you leave. 

We have a wide range of Packrafting equipment available to try, what better way to see what works for you! You are also welcome to bring along your own equipment. 

Delivered by fully qualified and extremely acomplished paddlesports coaches, all of whom are experienced packrafters; you're certain to leave with the confidence and skills to undertake your own packraft adventures!


The course is run over 2 consecutive days 

Course Skills     


The course is jam packed with information and techniques!

Here's a few of the key elements the syllabus covers:


•  Raft Type, Set up and Repair. 

•  Clothing, Equipment selection and Safety Kit.

•  Paddling Fundamentals including:
   Open water paddling, Self and Paddler Rescue, Sailing, Wind issues and Safety.

•  Risk Management and Group Paddling considerations.

•  Incident management and Safety Considerations.


WSA Membership and Support


We recommend Water Skills Academy  Recreational Membership for a fee of £30, this provides waterways licensing, personal liability insurance and access to further training and resources. 

Join WSA go to: 



Packraft Foundation Paddler Course - 2 Days

  • Equipment List


    Please read this carefully and ensure you have all the equipment and clothing listed. Your activity may not be able to go ahead if you do not have enough equipment. Drop us an email if you need any clarification.


    Items UNDERLINED can be borrowed from us, please complete the Kit Request Box on booking or emails us @ at least 30 days prior to your course – for some equipment we may require a cash damage deposit at the start of the course.


    Paddling gear:


    - Drysuit or Dry trousers and dry cag. A wetsuit can be used in summer.

    - Neoprene or waterproof gloves.

    - Water shoes or spare trainers (for paddling in).

    - Neoprene socks.

    - A Buoyancy Aid suitable for White Water (EN 393 / EN ISO 12402-5)

    - Packraft.

    - Paddle.

    - Any other paddling gear such as throwline, tow line etc that you may use.

    - A water rescue knife.

    - A folding hand saw.

    - A helmet approved for Watersports.

    - A personal First Aid Kit.


    In addition to your paddling gear, each day you’ll need the following:


    - A rucksack to carry your gear on and off the water (it will need to carry your safety gear and paddling kit too – so make sure its has plenty of space! 30-40l rucksacks are normally more than adequate for day trips.

    A water-tight liner or dry bag for inside your rucksack. Make sure it is water-tight!

    - A means of securing your rucksack on your packraft.
    - A warm change of clothes (to be carried each day).

    - Food and drink for each day. Loads of calories!

    - A hot sweet drink in a small flask is a good idea.

    - Sunglasses, sun hat, sun screen (as required).

    - Alcohol Hand Sanitiser.

    - A suitable Face Covering.


    Despite wearing a drysuit, your under-garments may (probably!) get wet so make sure you have enough of the following for each day.


    - Warm fleece top and ‘Warm’ trousers (Jogging bottoms are fine). These are for under your drysuit.

    - Wicking base-layer.

    - Thermals.

    - Warm socks.

    - You must take any medication you may require with you every day.


    Please do not wear cotton tops or bottoms as the material stays cold and heavy when wet.


    For bank work its good to have:

    - Warm hat x 2.

    - Gloves.
    - Waterproof Jacket.

    - Walking shoes or boots.


    You’ll also need any additional clothing or items for sleeping, washing, eating, evenings in the pub etc.

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