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Acknowledgment of Risk, Fitness & Medical Conditions

Description of the Activity

At Tirio we take your safety seriously and, whilst we don't want to cause you unnecessary concern, we do feel it is important that we make you aware of the inherent risks associated with these adventurous activities. Please take the time to read the following information; of course, please contact us if you wish to discuss anything!

Physical Fitness

Due to the nature of the activity, all participants should be content that they are of a suitable level of physical health to undertake it. Depending on your chosen activity you may be required to walk and paddle for several hours per day. The description of your activity on each webpage will give you a clear indication of the distances covered.

Packrafting activities - Open water and rivers can be hazardous. The water can be deep, cold with the prospect of long swims in cold water. Other hazards may be present such as rocks, trees, other water users, water hazards and bank debris.

Rugged terrain - reaching the water may require walking on uneven rugged ground. Hazards include steep or slippery ground and bad weather.

`The nature of the terrain may also lead to damage to personal property.

All participants must be able to easily swim 25m and be confident in open water (defined as 25 metres from land).

Spectacles can be a hazard to you whilst participating in sessions. If you choose to wear spectacles you must accept that injury may occur and accept full responsibility for any such injury. Participants may wear contact lenses.

Medical Conditions


Please read the questions below; they are designed to help you assess your suitability to take part in our activities. If you, your dependent (or anyone in the group you are booking for) answers 'yes' to any of them you should give us a call to discuss prior to booking. Tel +44(0)7450245561. We may need a letter from your Physician stating you are able to undertake the activity - this will need to be supplied to us in writing prior to booking. Please do not send this information to us, instead you will be required to sign a Medical Declaration at the beginning of your Packraft Adventure.


  • Have you ever been told by a physician that you have a heart condition or you should only do physical activity recommended by a physician?

  • Upon doing physical activity, do you feel pain in the chest?

  • When you were not doing physical activity, have you had chest pain in the last month?

  • Do you ever lose consciousness or do you lose your balance because of dizziness?

  • Do you have a joint or bone problem that may be made worse by undertaking physical activity?

  • Is a physician currently prescribing medications for your blood pressure or heart condition?

  • Are you pregnant or postpartum?

  • Do you have diabetes?

  • Have you ever suffered from any form of seizures, fits or epilepsy?

  • In the last 6 months, have you not undertaken regular physical exercise?

  • Do you know of any other reason why you should not undertake strenuous physical activity?

Anyone with a medical condition or injury that may impede their ability to take part should consult their medical practitioner to assess their suitability prior to booking.

You must bring with you any medication that you may require; this must also be shown to us prior to the activity and kept to hand throughout.

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