We are delighted to offer our range of Packrafting Courses written and delivered by Packrafters! We aim to truly enable you to safely plan, get out there and confidently enjoy your own Packraft Adventures.

Our First Aid Course is run in liaison with Rescue Emergency Care.

Packraft Paddler Course plan your own jo
4 Day Course
Gain the knowledge, skills & confidence to undertake your own Packraft Adventures on open and moving water.
Packrafting First Aid Tirio
Packraft Exped Paddler wild camp set up
5 Day Course
A challenging course based in the wild, rugged and spectacular Rough Bounds of Scotland.
Learn the skills and techniques to undertake your own multiway adventures in the UK and beyond...
Packraft Moving water course Tirio
White Water Packrafter Award
2 Day Course
A fully certified White water Award for Packrafters - written by Packrafters!
Gain the skills and judgement to begin to undertake appropriate trips on water up to Grade 2 (3).
2 Day Course
Acquire the skills and knowledge to deal with outdoor emergency situations.
Fully Certified by:
Recue Emergency Care
2 - 3 Day Course
A key part of every paddler's repertoire - understanding rivers and hazard avoidance as well as gaining the skills to deal with situations when things go wrong.