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Packrafting on moving water is simply the finest way to journey; not only does it cover the miles more quickly, running those rapids gives that adrenaline high that just 'aces' the day.

The powerful and relentless nature of white water requires caution and respect. When things go wrong, they can quickly spiral out of control. Understanding the river, it's hydrology and flow are essential, as are the skills to deal with things quickly and effectively when they go wrong.

This 2 day practical course will cover the skills packrafters need to operate safely in a white water environment and to deal effectively with rescue situations.

White Water Safety and Rescue

Packraft Specific -
White Water Safety & Rescue
Enable your own Adventure          

Course Skills        

This 2 day practical course will include: 


•  Hydrology: Identifying key river features and what they mean to the Packrafter.

•  Packraft outfitting for moving water.

•  Equipment choice - getting the balance right between weight and safety.

•  Risk management and leadership principles.
•  Rescue priorities

•  River Crossing Techniques.

•  When to run the rapid and when to portage.

•  Safe swimming techniques including defensive and aggressive postures.

•  Rescue skills, such as packraft re-entry, packraft based rescues,
   protecting a rapid, safe throw-in skills and using other rescue tools.. 

•  Entrapment.

•  Equipment recovery.

Please note that this is a Packrafting Specific Course - other common
WW Rescue Course syllabi insist their course covers skills for kayak, canoe and WW raft guides - these additional skills must be delivered to qualify for these awards.

Rather than taking time discussing other craft, we've chosen to focus specifically on the needs of recreational packrafters. This allows us greater time to develop your skills. This course has been written by and delivered by highly experienced packrafters who also hold Rescue 3 / British Canoeing WW Rescue Endorsements.

Be prepared to be challenged and spend the course duration paddling or in water based scenarios.


White Water Safety and Rescue
White Water Safety and Rescue


Candidates must be:

•  Over 18 Years.

•  Confident in swimming in Grade 2 water in appropriate paddling gear.

•  Have their own WW suitable Packraft and paddling gear - i.e WW Helmet,
   WW PDF, throw-in etc. We have a range of equipment for hire at reduced 

   rates for those who don't have everything they need - email us to enquire.

White Water Packrafter
White Water Safety and Rescue
£190 2 Days 
2024 Dates
Please enquire
*What's Included*

• 2 days intense White Water Safety and Rescue Coaching.

• Extremely experienced WW Packrafting Coaches.

*Not Included*

• Packrafting Equipment - can be hired at a discounted rate

• Accommodation. We have a range of recommended places to stay on our website.

• Food and snacks.

• Transport 

Want to do this with your own group?

Talk to us to arrange your course.


You can pay by Bank Transfer or if you wish to pay by card let us know and we'll send you all the details.

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