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1/2 Day Packraft Adventure        


Discover packrafting! Join us on an adventure hiking and paddling in the beautiful Gwydir Forest.  Hike woodland trails to a  secluded woodland lake.  Once there we'll inflate our packrafts and head out on to the water, float serenely along past lily pads, whilst watching dragon flys swoop and play.  At the end of the lake we'll continue past the ruins of old mineworkings in the trees, descending now back through the forest to our start point.


Challenge level: Easy -Medium - OK for adults and younger children with a reasonable level of fitness.         

Approximate distance:   6km

Typical group size:     6 persons

Minimum age:                8 years. 




Group and Family rates available, please enquire.

All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Persons participating should be at a level of fitness to cover the stated distance.

All safety and packrafting equipment is provided.


Woodland Lake Loop 1/2 Day

  • Packrafting and Safety Equipment. All Packrafting and safety equipment required for the Activity will be provided by us.

    Individual Equipment - What to Bring. A list of equipment is included below. The environment in the UK can change quickly and so you must prepare accordingly. For safety reasons participants need to have the items on the list with them - we reserve the right to refuse participation if you don't have suitable clothing and gear.

    Items marked * can be borrowed from us, we'll bring plenty along on the day.

    You will need to bring / wear:

    • A warm fleece top or insulated jacket.
    • A base-layer (a non-cotton t-shirt).
    • ‘Outdoor’ type trousers (Not denim - synthetic track suit bottoms are fine).
    • Thermals (in spring and autumn - carried or worn).
    • Warm hat and some gloves (in spring and autumn).
    • Waterproof Jacket. (Essential – even on warm sunny days).
    • Waterproof trousers. (Essential – even on warm sunny days).
    • Walking shoes or boots.
    • Water shoes (these will get wet! An old pair of trainers is perfect)
    • A rucksack to carry your gear (it will need to carry your safety gear and boat too – so make sure its has plenty of space! 30-40l rucksacks are normally more than adequate. * (we can supply).
    • A watertight liner or dry bag for inside your rucksack * (we can supply).
    • A spare change of clothes (carried).
    • Food and drink for the day. (A hot sweet drink in a small flask is a good idea, especially if it’s a bit chilly out.)
    • Sunglasses, sun hat, sun screen (as required).
    • Personal medication. You must take any medication you may require with you and show it to us at the start of your adventure, so we know where it is if you need it!

    Please do not wear cotton tops or bottoms as the material stays cold and heavy when wet. ​​​​​​​

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